LARNS: A Powerful Model and Software Package for the Simulation of Local Area Ring Networks

  Bruno Richard Preiss. Bachelor's thesis, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering--Engineering Science Division (Electrical Engineering Option), University of Toronto, 1982. 122 pp.[38].

LARNS is a powerful computer simulation model for the representation of local area ring networks. A software package that implements the LARNS model has been written. The LARNS model has been designed so that it can represent the various standard ring network protocols, slotted rings, insertion rings and token rings, as well as hybrid schemes. The performance of the TORNET ring, a local area network under developoment at the University of Toronto is analyzed using the LARNS model and software.

In this paper, the LARNS model is described in detail and the software implementation is documented. The TORNET ring is analyzed as a case study, demonstrating the power and flexibility of the LARNS model.

Copyright 1982 by Bruno R. Preiss.

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