A Unified Modeling Methodology for Performance Evaluation of Distributed Discrete Event Simulation Mechanisms

  Bruno Richard Preiss, Wayne Mervin Loucks, and V. Carl Hamacher. CCNG Technical Report E-180, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Communications Networks Group, University of Waterloo, 1989[71].

The main problem associated with comparing distributed discrete event simulation mechanisms is the need to base the comparisons on some common problem specification. This paper presents a specification strategy and language which allows the same simulation problem specification to be used for both distributed discrete event simulation mechanisms as well as the traditional single event list mechanism. This paper includes: a description of the Yaddes specification language; a description of the four simulation mechanisms currently supported; the results for three simulation examples; and an estimate of the performance of a communication structure needed to support the various simulation mechanisms. Currently this work has only been done on a uniprocessor emulating a multiprocessor. This has limited some of our results but lays a significant basis for future simulation mechanism comparison.

Copyright 1989 by Simulation Councils, Inc.

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