YADDES-Yet Another Distributed Discrete Event Simulator: User Manual

  Bruno Richard Preiss and Ian Donald MacIntyre. CCNG Technical Report E-197, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Communications Networks Group, University of Waterloo, 1990[75].

1. Introduction, 2. Computer Simulation and Modelling, 3. Synchronization Methods, 4. Example: Exclusive-OR Circuit, 5. The Yaddes Specification Language, 6. Pseudo-Random Number Generator Package, 7. Statistics Gathering and Reporting Package, 8. Avoiding Deadlock When Using Conservative Synchronization, 9. Example: Queue and Server, A. Distributed Simulation on a Transputer, B. Distributed Simulation on an Apollo Network, C. Yaddes BNF, D. Kernel Statistics, E. Yaddes Compiler Output, F. Pitfalls, G. Yaddes man pages, H. Yaddes Compile-time Error Messages, I. Run-Time Error Messages, Bibliography, Index.

Copyright 1990 by Computer Communications Networks Group, University of Waterloo.

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