System and Method for Minimising Bandwidth Utilization in a Wireless Interactive Voice Response System

  Bruno Richard Preiss and Daniel Wilk, October 2007. US Patent 7,277,696 B2[79].

The present invention provides a novel system, method and apparatus of delivering interactive voice response services in a more efficient manner over a network. The system proivdes for the placement of a subscriber station local to the subscriber and a gateway protocol converter at the base station. The gateway protocol convertor converts bandwidth-intensive audio messages into compact data messages, which upon transmission to the subscriber station are converted back into audio messages. By using data messages instead of audio messages over the network, bandwidth is saved on the network for other traffic. Another embodiment of the invention proivdes a method for transmitting subscriber responses utilizing the system. In andother embodiment of the invention, there is provided an IVR system that utilizes the VoiceXML standard, or the like, whereby the Document Server, VoiceXML Interpreter Context, and the Implementation Platform are distributed at various locations along the communication link between the IVR service provider and the subscriber station--such components being distributed along the link according to a desired utilization of network resources, such as bandwidth.