A Unifying Framework for Distributed Routing Algorithms

  Alan Rooks and Bruno Richard Preiss. In Proc. 1992 Int. Conf. on Parallel Processing, pages I-96-I-100, St. Charles, IL, August 1992. Penn. State University[80].

Distributed routing algorithms presented in the literature have tended to be specific to a particular network topology. In order to investigate the applicability of various high-performance routing strategies to arbitrary topologies, this paper presents a classification framework for distributed routing algorithms. Using this framework, ideas previously presented in a topology-specific context may be applied to new networks. More importantly, however, the classification of distributed routing strategies suggests new areas for investigation: generalizing existing techniques, and examining interactions between techniques. We present some results of such work: significant improvements to routing algorithms for hypercubes, torus networks, star graphs, and odd graphs.

Copyright 1992 by Pennsylvania State University.

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