The Parsimony Project: A Distributed Simulation Testbed in Java

  Bruno Richard Preiss and Carey Ka Wing Wan. In Proc. 1999 International Conference On Web-Based Modelling & Simulation, volume 31 of Simulation Series, pages 89-94, San Francisco, CA, January 1999. Society for Computer Simulation[78].

The Parsimony Project is a vehicle for conducting research in distributed, network-centric computing. The primary objective is the development of a Java-based testbed for distributed discrete-event simulation. In this paper, we present requirements for the implementation of a distributed, discrete-event simulation system based on our earlier research in the area. We show how the Java language and virtual machine support directly these requirements. Finally, we describe briefly a suite comprised of eight different, yet compatible simulators. A user-defined simulation can be run using any of the simulators without modification or even recompilation.

Copyright 1999 by Simulation Councils, Inc.

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