Issues in Joint Undergraduate Software Engineering Degree Program Design

  J. M. Atlee, M. Godfrey, Bruno Richard Preiss, and R. E. Seviora. In Proc. 1999 Canadian Conference on Computer Engineering Education, Vancouver, BC, June 1999. Computer Science Research, Education, and Applications Technology. (Proceedings to appear)[1].

Since early 1998, a joint CS-E&CE undergraduate degree program in software engineering has been under development by the co-authors and their colleagues. This presentation will overview major issues that arise in the design of an undergraduate software engineering degree program. The issues cover the basic delineation of the discipline, curricular content and its distribution, program introduction and maintenance, and impact of internal organizational and external aspects. Selected issues will be discussed in more detail and our perspectives and experience summarized.

Copyright 1999 by J. M. Atlee, M. Godfrey, B. R. Preiss, and R. E. Seviora.

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