Yaddes-Yet Another Distributed Discrete Event Simulator

  Bruno Richard Preiss. 1988[41].

1. Introduction, 2. Computer Simulation and Modelling, 3. Execution Mechanisms, 4. Example: Exclusive-OR Circuit, 5. The Yaddes Specification Language, 6. Pseudo-Random Number Generator Package, 7. Statistics Gathering and Reporting Package, 8. Avoiding deadlock under the Chandy-Misra execution mechanism, 9. Example: Queue and Server, Appendix 1. Yaddes BNF, Appendix 2. Kernel Statistics from event-list.a, Appendix 3. Kernel Statistics from multi-list[.vax].a, Appendix 4. Kernel Statistics from chandy-misra[.vax].a, Appendix 5. Kernel Statistics from virtual-time[.vax].a, Appendix 6. Yaddes Compiler Output.

Copyright 1988 by Bruno R. Preiss.

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