A New Model for Parallel Discrete Event Simulation

  Bruno Richard Preiss. 1994[46].

This report describes a new model for parallel discrete event simulation based on the notions of processes and gates and on the rendezvous mechanism defined in the the basic LOTOS process algebra. The model presented in this report requires a statically determined fixed number of processes and gates. Whereas it may be possible to simulate many LOTOS specifications using this model, no claim is made regarding the ability of the model to simulate all LOTOS specifications in general.

An execution algorithm is presented that allows optimistic gate activations (i.e., speculative computation). This increases the available parallelism while ensuring correct execution of the simulation. An implementation approach that makes extensive use of bit vectors and bitwise logical operations is described. Finally, a partitioning of the computation for parallel execution is given.

Copyright 1994 by Bruno R. Preiss.

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